Contract template

This is a contract between




Clause 1 borrow to usage

{{Renter}} hereby agrees that this contract is not a rental contract according to Portuguese law but is a borrow to usage agreement for protective reasons.

Clause 2 protective purpose

{{Renter}} is using the {{Property}} not to rent or to live in but just to stay in it for the agreed period for the sole purpose of protecting the house against vacancy, theft and burglary.

Clause 3 non-rental

{{Renter}} agrees this is not a long term rental contract protected by the Portguguese rules and laws for long term rental.

Clause 3 address usage

{{Renter}} agrees not to be able to use nor register the property as an address for living.

Clause 4 grand acces to owner

{{Renter}} agrees to let the owner access the property at any requested moment, not to change locks ad keys and not to grand access to anyone to the house other then the owner unless verbally agreed and approved by the owner.

Clause 5 Exchange fee

{{Renter}} agrees that the agreed monthly amount is defined as an exchange fee for the babysitting of the property and the usage of the property, to be payed by {{Renter}} on every last day of every month.

Clause 6 no proof of rent

{{Renter}} agrees that the exchange fee as defined under clause 5 can not and will not be used as a proof of rent in the court of law or any legal cases.

Clause 7 no legal rights

{{Renter}} agrees that he/she can not and will not apply this agreement for any legal rights, sign any contracts or make any agreements for delivery of goods, services and utility services.

Clause 8 no legal procedures

{{Tenant}} agrees that he / she will not initiate lawsuits against {{Owner}} in relation to the use of the property, nor in relation to tenancy claims

Clause 9 good care

{{Tenant}} agrees that he / she will protect and take good care of all furniture and belongings and leave all in good condition.

Clause 10 deposit

{{Tenant}} agrees to pay a deposit amount of {{Deposit-amount}} with regards to clause 9 as a guarantee for the good care. This deposit will be returned at the end of the agreed contractual period and after proof of no damage or after reducing the cost of the damage from the deposit amount.

Clause 11 termination of agreement

This agreement can only be terminated by {{Owner}} at any time if it appears that {{Tenant}} does not comply with any of the above clauses.

Clause 12 leaving the property

{{Tenant}} agrees to leave the property immediatly on termination date or on the date of the ending of this agreement, hand over all keys and leave the property in the status as it was at the beginning of this agreement.