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September 30, 2020

10 Reasons to choose NixNaxTax

Here are the 10 reasons why you as a property owner should choose NixNaxTax:

  1. Payout straight to your bank account avoiding risk of not receiving it.
  2. Free listing of your work with a website fee of only 5,9% per worked hour/day.
  3. Expected growth of demand, through affiliate marketing.
  4. Former “competitors” can become friends as a result of the 2% ongoing commission if you point them to this site and become their affiliate.
  5. No need for proof or upload of work licences – if you are working, you are the responsible party, we just provide you with the portal.
  6. Freedom of choice whether or not to send invoices to clients with or without VAT (tax).
  7. Define and receive a direct payout on add-on service fees to your employers.
  8. Sync calendars with any other website through iCal links.
  9. Employment agencies can choose to book the money straight to the worker’s account, so the tax department doesn’t raise questions about large amounts of money flowing through the Employment agencies’ bank account.
  10. Employment agencies can choose to receive a payout of management fees straight to their bank accounts.
Category: Marketing